Getting started

Read the following instructions before you start installation

  • Riverr is available only on CodeCanyon, if you buy it or download it from another websites it's either a spam or an edited version that may contains malwares. We always recommend you to buy riverr from CodeCanyon to get regulary updates and fast support.
  • We typically respond any message within seconds, minutes or maximum hours, you can contact us on Codecanyon, email [email protected] or directly using WhatsApp for fast support.
  • Keep your license key (purchase code) always private and don't share it with anyone. We will ask you for this key one time when you contact us to verify it. You can follow this post Where Is My Purchase Code? to get your purchase code.
  • We are not responsible for any incorrect, bad or harmful use of Riverr
  • Please don't forget to give us 5 stars rating, this will help us move on and provide you with new updates and features.
  • And finally we would like thank you so much for trusting us and we will always provide you with fast support and new regularly updates.

Please don't leave these fields empty or use wrong data, because your website won't work after the installation is finish.